Katrina Relief List

Instapundit also has a huge list of charities and organizations that can use support as the recovery effort gets underway. I wish I had more money to give, but as it is I have virtually none. However, I have more time to give.

Some are expecting private and corporate donations will reach $1 billion. Even the already destitute are helping out:

“Everyone has been wanting to help,” says Diana Gary, at WAFB Channel 9 in Baton Rouge, where hundreds of people were donating whatever they could spare. “This morning a homeless man brought over a $20 bill he had just been given.”

Why does it take such great suffering to spur on such great charity?

3 thoughts on “Katrina Relief List

  1. With all this help, I find it amusing that all donations are to be in cash. I have yet to find a place that will take donations of clothing. These people have no money for clothes, and what better charity than giving the shirts off our back. Throwing money has yet to really solve anything, shit look at the God blessed(no…what the opposite) Seattle Monorail.

  2. Oh, one other thing to ponder. Katirna was a little bastard of Mother Nature, yet what happens when the bigger brother/sister show up, and you know the younger siblings pick up on the elder behavior of the offspring. I say this thinking about when the peak season of these storms start in a about two weeks. Do you think it more prudent to wait till the shit is over with before going back in to rebuild?

  3. I agree with the comment about cash. My dad has tried to contact several agencies offering to move to Lousiana and design and rebuild their water systems for several months for free. He’s got the expertise and retirement funds to do it,but so far no one will even acknowledge him. I know its hard when everything is going on, but some people have skills a lot more valuable than cash.

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