Katrina’s wrath

Even though Katrina didn’t directly hit New Orleans, the damage is extensive:

Veteran staff members from the Federal Emergency Management Agency who have surveyed the destruction said the flood damage is the worst they have ever seen, the head of the agency said.

“This is truly a catastrophic event,” Michael Brown told CNN.

FEMA is preparing to house “at least tens of thousands of victims … for literally months on end,” he said.

I heard on the news some are estimating it will take upwards of 5 years to repair all the damage. I guess the upside to this is that when things are rebuilt they will be better and stronger.

The Christian Science Monitor writes about the aide relief coming in:

Even before hurricane Katrina made landfall Monday, a massive relief brigade – one that officials hoped would be an equal match for a huge Category 4 storm – was being deployed to help residents along Louisiana’s low-lying coast.

Among them: The Red Cross called upon some 5,000 volunteers, including some who drove in from Washington State. Members of Fark.com, an online discussion board, offered to host fellow forum participants who were fleeing Katrina. And FEMA, the federal disaster-response agency, moved its search-and-rescue teams – as well as stockpiles of ice, water, and food – as close as safety would permit.

The outpouring of aid, possibly the largest the US has ever seen to cope with a domestic natural disaster, stems from Katrina’s imposing size as well as its destination so near the major population center of New Orleans.

It’s good to see Farkers out there and helping people, and even big business is jumping in to help:

Other private and public aid – as well as volunteers – have been pouring into Louisiana over the past 48 hours. Office Depot says it will donate $1 million to the Red Cross, while Anheuser-Busch shipped 300,000 cans of drinking water to relief agencies in Louisiana and Mississippi. Wayne Elsey, president of Kodiak-Terra, a footwear company that donated thousands of pairs of shoes to South Asia after last year’s tsunami, is setting up a “Katrina Relief Effort” fund.

I’m not sure why Anheuser-Busch didn’t send beer, I’m sure that would be greatly appreciated too. . .though not that Bud Lite swill.

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