Gassy Europe

Here’s an interesting article on gas prices in Europe. Overall, it seems the Europeans got a good system going — except for the taxes. A few interesting tidbits:

  • Europe has the highest gas prices in the world. In Amsterdam, it’s $7.13 a gallon.
  • Europe’s cars get much better gas mileage. Average mpg is the US is 21.6 and in Paris it’s 32.1.
  • 40% of cars sold in Europe are diesel. Only 4% of cars sold in the US are diesel.
  • On average 60% of gas prices are due to taxes in Europe. In London, the government takes 75% in taxes.

I’m unphased by high gas prices, though I’ll admit paying $50 to fill up my Ranger is no fun. I don’t drive that much, so I fill up about once a month. My hope is that gas prices will push alternative fuels technology farther along, and hopefully loosen up our dependency on oil. For example, it’d be nice to see nuclear reactors and biodiesel take on a greater role in meeting our energy needs. The only thing that I’m afraid of that might happen is the feds might feel compelled to do something rather than rely on the market forces to sort this out.

One thought on “Gassy Europe

  1. Those are interesting facts. I am getting a little freaked out by the gas prices lately. I drive a 99 chevy suburban. I just paid $98.00 to fill my tank in Massachusetts, thats with the 10 cents off per gallon at stop and shop. I think a good way to counter oil spikes is for the individual states and federal government to cut the gas tax in half when there is a price spike. This would keep prices a little more stable. Also I think that this consistant rise in gas prices over the past 2 years has something else behind it. I’m a Marine Corp Veteran and you bet I don’t trust alot of people out there. To avoid self incrimmination I wont mention names. Alternative fuels are a good idea. However, this is Corporate America, so who would loose out by fuel alternatives? Thats right. Probably no good chance of that avenue being taken. Its really sad, we need to regain control of our country and instill order, fairness, and equality.

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