Podcast #1 update

Well, it’s pleasant to find that by and large there is a positive sense of anticipation about my very first podcast. I do notice that one jerk said it would nauseate him/her. Clearly, this individual has never heard the sweet, mellow sound of my baritone voice. I’m sure I could soothe a rutting bull moose with it if I tried (and maybe I will someday). Anyway, somebody is clearly off his or her rocker.

The podcast is progressing nicely but slowly. I have most of my audio clips picked out and about half are edited. Then I just need to record my commentary, but I want to do that when my brother is out of the apartment so there is less noise and I can let all of my creative juices rage and foam without fear of instant critique. I have some stuff planned that already makes me chuckle, but I’m not so sure others will find it as funny. It would be nice to finish the podcast this weekend when I’m more rested. These 10 hour work days and subsequent lack of sleep has me a little drained, so when I come home from work usually the last thing I want to do is think and be creative. I’d rather just veg and think about how nice my voice is.

Oh, and I already am planning some material for podcast #2 which will either be interactive or a short video.

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