So, I have this post I’m slowly working on that is going to have lots of audio clips. I think it’s going to be pretty fun as a normal post. However, I had an epiphany at work the other day: my first podcast! Personally, I’ve always been kinda skeptical of the new hotness that is podcasts. Who really wants to hear a bunch of amateurs with nasally nerd voices talk about boring, esoteric subjects? Not me. However, I checked out some podcasts with the latest version of iTunes, and there seems to be something to them. I listened to the Ebert and Roeper podcast and was pleasantly surprised even though hearing only the audio tracks of movie clips is a little unfulfilling. So the point of this post is to ask if I did a small podcast would anybody be interested? I think I can do a pretty good production with just the simple tools I have (QT, iTunes, and iMovie), so I’m willing to give it a try. I have a poll up.

3 thoughts on “Podcast?

  1. I’ve voted a few times; mostly amuses and excites, I think. Do a podcast. Like Chris, I’ve never listend to a podcast, but I’d listen to yours. Once I’ve heard your voice, I may be able to figure out if I actually met you while I was at SPU.

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