I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. My excuse this time is that my parents were in town for a few days. So instead of blogging, I’ve been feasting like a king for the past few nights. A tasty, thick, huge steak from Daniel’s Broiler is much better than some $1 tv dinner from Fred Meyer’s. In truth, I also haven’t blogged much because not much seems interesting to me, and I’m deeply distracted by a little video game. Though I’m not as distracted as this guy was. You know, Starcraft is a pretty sweet game, but I’m not sure even I could play it for 50 hours straight. Maybe one of these nights, when I’m feeling really honest, I’ll confess my longest straight stretch of gaming, but that probably will only happen when my parents stop reading my blog.

Anyway, I do have a post coming that I think will be pretty interesting . . . and multi-media-y.

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