My weather is better than yours

Another gorgeous day in Seattle. You really can’t get much better weather than this.

Too bad it looks like it might cloud up a little over the weekend.

My brother and I have acquired some old, doomed furniture from SPU, so now we have plenty of seating in our sweet bachelor pad. I think the next additions should be some animal print wall coverings, some shag rugs, and mirrors on the ceilings. Maybe a couple of disco balls too. Though between work, sleeping, exercise, and video games, we don’t have much time for the disco. Priorities, right?

3 thoughts on “My weather is better than yours

  1. Disco first! And you forgot the most important weather statistic: the humidity! It’s a little warmer in DC but the humidity is cruel and unusual punishment, and therefore should be struck down by the Supreme Court.

  2. Dude I totally saw a Volvo driving down I-5 yesterday that they had ‘skinned’ in leopard fur. It was really nasty though cause the fur had picked up all the dirt and grime of road travel.

    -btw good to see you at church – for a second. :mrgreen:

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