War of the Cultures

Greg has a post about a short column by John Leo about the anti-Americanism of some Hollywood denizens. The new stupidity is from the screenwiter for War of the Worlds (a movie I enjoyed and would recommend):

David Koepp, who wrote the screenplay for War of the Worlds, says the Martian attackers in the film represent the American military, while the Americans being slaughtered at random represent Iraqi civilians.

Leo also points out some other instances of anti-Americanism by Hollywood elites and briefly discusses the profoundly perplexing idea of picking Oliver Stone to direct a major 9/11 flick. Frankly, I findn it disgusting that an idiot such as Stone would be allowed to direct a movie which deals with such a sensitive topic. Besides, his last movie Alexander was a huge bomb, are Hollywood execs that dumb? I guess so.

I think the great irony is that those in Hollywood probably exploit our great freedoms more than nearly everybody else in this country, yet they so often use those freedoms to mock, malign, and abuse the country that gives them those freedoms. If Socrates were still alive, I think he’d kick their collective ass.

2 thoughts on “War of the Cultures

  1. Actually, The War of the Worlds is an analogy of the settlers and United States government systematically exterminating Native Americans.

  2. Oliver Stone may have had a bomb with Alexander, but one bad movie doesn’t make him a bad director. JFK, Natural Born Killers, Born on The Fourth of July, Platoon.. All excellent movies. Besides, Hollywood is funky. You can make a bad movie, but as long as you deliever it on time, under budget, or both, you’re still in the respected enough for them to give you some new work.

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