Living the Emerald Dream

So, I’m blogging at my usual pace again. I tell you what, being in Seattle has re-energized me like nothing else. Even though I’m still adjusting to this insane sleep schedule of going to bed before 2 AM and waking up before 8 AM, I feel much more alive and virile than I ever did in Salem. Also, my freshly cut hair may have something to do with it. My last haircut might have been in November, but I can’t remember for sure. With all that hair gone I feel like Atlas after shrugging off his one vital responsibility. The lady who cuts my hair also showed me a quick way to style it with this crazy foam stuff called mousse. Gone are the days of accidentally chaotic hair and in come the days of purposefully chaotic hair! I’ve been told separating and bringing the hair forward is the new hotness. I’m skeptical, but I’ll know for sure if the ladies come a flockin’.

More will be coming, I have a backlog of noteworthy articles (4 in tabs on this window alone) I’ve read and want to comment on.

2 thoughts on “Living the Emerald Dream

  1. There’s definitely something about living in Seattle that makes blogging easier. Nice Ayn Rand ref, by the way. Also, I think you misspelled the last word in your first paragraph. Although it sounds similar spoken fast enough. 😆

  2. Either way bro, I am glad to hear you adjusing to Seattle life. I too have enjoyed it every much and have stuck with the local Queen Anne area (dispit the few month stint in Shoreline, which shall never again be). I hope to see you oot and aboot, whereever that may be.

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