The Plame Game

I haven’t been following, nor do I really care about, the Valerie Plame kerfuffle. I only have the vaguest idea of what is going on, but Greg sheds some light on it in a good and pointed post. I guess it’s only interesting to me now because the investigation is checking out Karl “Darth” Rove. Frankly, I just like seeing the people on the left side of the aisle work themselves up into a tizzy trying to bring down Rove. It seems Rove is way too smart to let some stupid thing like this bring him down. But maybe Rove did screw up and did something stupid. Oh well, who cares? Greg concludes:

That said, whoever leaked Plame’s role in sending her husband to Niger on a fact-finding mission outmatched in effort by a 3-year-old’s Easter egg hunt, was completely oblivious to how easily this incident would be misunderstood by a public and press unfamiliar with the bureaucratic labyrinth that is the CIA. I seriously doubt Rove was the prime leaker, simply because he understands PR much better than many of the wonks wandering the White House. There was no way the national-security angle would stay behind the opportunism angle of Wilson and Plame, setting up a flimsy mission to discredit a pending war argued primarily (not completely) on national security grounds.

I have no doubt that Wilson is an opportunistic, lazy little weasel of a former ambassador, whose fame was directly proportional to an enormous PR screwup by someone connected to Karl Rove, but lacking his cunning. Thanks a lot, Anonymous Flunky.

From other stuff I’ve read (for example) and heard, it seems a lot of this whole mess is blown way out of proportion and conveniently twisted by Democrats and folks in the media who want something, anything, to stick on the Bush Administration and especially Rove. Anyway, there’s going to be an investigation, so I guess we’ll all find out what’s going on soon in like 2 years.

Okay, my interest in this has faded for now.

3 thoughts on “The Plame Game

  1. Much of the quoted article is heresay and conjecture such as “he seems to smart” and “he seems like a weasle.” Bottom line, someone has broken the law by divulging the ID of a CIA poerative. That person, most probably Karl Rove, needs to be punished according to the laws of our land. But is he? Nope. He most probably isn’t even going to be fired. Is this correct? I say not at all! Is this an example of executive “favoritism” at work? Probably! Is that right? Nope!

    This truly sets a double-standard for people who are in public office. They can get away with just about anything!

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