Seattle > Salem


I now have internet! I got hooked up at my new apartment yesterday, so now it finally feels like this is my home.

It feels so good to be back in Seattle. There’s something about it that is just a relief to me. I feel much more comfortable and at home here. Normally I adjust to a new location pretty quickly, but I never felt like I adjusted to Salem. I left behind a lot of bad things in Salem too: trains, ants, dozens of kids, yelling mothers, smoking mothers, lame town, flatness, no friends, and boredom.

I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy here in Seattle so far. I’m back working for SPU which is good and bad. It’s good to instantly get a job, but it’s bad that I’m still stuck at SPU. I really would like to get away from it. I’ve also gotten to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. I even discovered some thai food that tastes good and doesn’t give me hives. And tonight, I did some rock climbing at a local rock gym. Needless to say, Seattle is much much more interesting than Salem, and I’m glad to be back here enjoying it.

2 thoughts on “Seattle > Salem

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  2. Will be inspecting your “digs” 8 August. Better scrub that toilet and clean that kitchen.

    Inpector Generals, Mom and Dad 😎

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