6 thoughts on “It’s safer in here

  1. I wonder how many people reading that strip are thinking the same thing, I know I was.

    Infact, if it wasn’t for Back To The Future III I’m not sure I’d know what a frisbee was. 😕

  2. Don’t be too ####### your self, Steve, It only took Obi-Wan Kenobi twenty years to get out of his hermit funk. It only took Obi-Wan Ginobili two quarters to rise up and be a leader, and look what_that_got him.:grin:

  3. I said, more or less in response to the first comment in this blog, that I love Steve…particularly when he (or more appropriately WE drink). Aside from that, I mentioned that I was going to be attending paramedic school this fall in hopes of finishing this upcoming spring and working for a fire department or ambulance service. Moreover, I said that Alex and myself are expecting a baby this Valentine’s Day (give or take a couple days). So what are your current plans for the future? Seattle as I hear is a difficult place to land employment…any luck with that sort of thing? Any plans now that law school is no longer in the works? Not a bad decision in my book, America can certainly do without another lawyer, and you are too smart and passionate for such soul-selling work anyways.

    If you would like, you can email me a good detailed response at mmcguire@acsalaska.net

    Good to see you are alive and doing well.

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