Bacon in the morning

Really, what is better than bacon in the morning? Not much, I’d say. If I had to live off of one breakfast food for the rest of my life, I’d pick bacon. Why? Because it’s awesome. It’s meat. It’s salty. It’s bacony. It sizzles. It has a wonderful smell. It even gives my arteries a good work out. An ideal breakfast food to be sure. Though, I am pretty partial to french toast. However, you can’t just have french toast. You have to have french toast plus something else. For example, french toast and maple syrup or french toast and strawberries. Naked french toast is like eating bagels with no cream cheese, which is something I only do when I’m desperate, which is quite often these days. With bacon, all you need is the bacon. Well, maybe bacon and more bacon. In fact, I’m so excited about bacon right now, I even made a poll about it.

I just wish I had some OJ now.

3 thoughts on “Bacon in the morning

  1. I think I’d go with eggs. There is no real connection between the consumption of eggs and increased rates of coronary artery disease. Good times.

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