MJ is free!

Michael Jackson got acquitted on all 10 felony charges today. I’m so glad that another stupid showboat celebrity trial is done. However, I think this acquittal once again underscores the deep racism inherent in our social structure. It’s obvious he was acquitted only because he is white.

There are some celebrities that it’s hard for me not to feel sorry for. Michael Jackson is one of them. Britney Spears, the Olsen Twins, Ashlee Simpson, Hayden Christiansen, all of the guys in Friends, and Ben Affleck are also on the list. Most of these people suck, but I think I’d feel better if everybody would stop saying they do. I guess that would include me.

One thought on “MJ is free!

  1. Ok first of all I think your trying to simplify the situation and throw it on racism when that has nothing to do with him being acquitted.

    Reasons for being acquitted.

    1. Come on! Its freaking California! Everyone and their dog is liberal down there. You can show a freaking video tape of a guy getting killed and that is not enough evidence to convict the defendant. A lightening bolt can strike them down and they wouldn’t believe it was lightening. How much evidence does it take to prove that he is guilty? It is the same thing that is happening here in Oregon. Example:(Real thing that happened in Portland a few months ago) A police car pulls over a know drug dealer that is so high on coke he is driving all over the place. Police tell him to show his hands, as they approach the car he starts going crazy and reaches behind his seat. Cops don’t know if its a gun so they open up on him killing him. Autsopy showed that he had so much coke in his system it could kill a large elephant. No gun was recovered from the car. Dude the freakin liberals went nuts and thought that cops were getting gun ho and killing people without provacation. HE IS A FLIPPING DRUG DEALER! A KNOWN DRUG DEALER! Obviously high on coke and out of his mind. You think that the cops could rationally discern his acts? What would you do; if he did have a gun behind that seat? How would you know?

    2. Prosecution’s witnesses are not credable. What the hell was he trying to do, build a case on the witnesses testimony, who is a know con-artist. Who is the jury going to believe Chris Tucker, Jay Leno or messed up family who has a history of being a con-artist and gypsies.

    3. Dude the trial was complete circus show. Get some credible witnesses, so undenyable proof, set the trial in Texas and he might get convicted.

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