Adventures in California

On Friday, my brothers and I plotted a surprise visit to my grandparents house this past weekend to see family and celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday and my parent’s 28th anniversary. It all worked out quite nicely. If you want to see some picture highlights, click on through (lots of pictures). I’ll also be adding more pictures in my gallery.

After storming the house, causing my mom to scream, we had some birthday cake:

The next day my brothers and I went up to Squaw Valley to do some spring skiing. My little bro took a picture of me with his nifty camera phone:

The next day we fed a deer:

What’s nice about going down to my grandparent’s is kicking up my feet and relaxing a bit:

We also went out on the boat and rode around in a raft a bit. Here is one of my cousins getting whipped around on it:

When our dad drove the boat he was a real mean operator taking sharp turns at high speeds. This would slingshot the guy on the raft way out at even higher speeds. Many times it became impossible to keep the raft from tipping, and then the rider would fall off the raft, skipping and tumbling across the water. These crashes were often pretty spectacular and painful. The pain is part of the fun in my opinion. Anyway, I tried to get a shot of Tom wiping out, but my camera is too slow. Here is what I got anyway. You can use your imagination to add the image of a flopping body skipping across the water:

And of course the whole time, we constantly practiced our cool look:

2 thoughts on “Adventures in California

  1. sweet pics. looks like you had some fun in the boat after i left. wish i could’ve watched the body-skipping and laughed… and laughed.

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