Looks like the French are going to say non to the EU constitution, which essentially dooms the ratification of the constitution this time around because every member country has to ratify the constitution. Though the vote hasn’t been held yet, it seems most of the oui-leaders have resigned themselves to defeat:

The mood of pessimism that descended on the French Government after ten successive polls showing the “no” camp leading was echoed by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the former French President, who drafted the constitution. He blamed the failures of the “yes” campaign on the half-heartedness of France’s leaders.

“Our current leaders are of course believers in the idea of Europe but in their heart of hearts they are not men and women who are inspired by a European feeling,” he told a French newspaper.

President Chirac will go on television tonight to deliver a last-ditch appeal to his country to resist the temptation to vote “no” and trigger a crisis for the whole European Union.

But the President, who called the referendum in July last year but has done little campaigning, was reported to be pessimistic and telling visitors to the Elysée Palace that he expected a “no”.

I’m not too familiar with EU constitution, but I haven’t heard anything good about it. I know if I was in Europe I wouldn’t want to be giving up my country’s sovereignty to some faceless bureaucrat.

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