Sunny and vertically challenged

I knew what to do with gorgeous days in Seattle. I could go downtown, walk along the waterfront, or I could hang out in Queen Anne. Here in Salem I have no idea what to do with it. There’s no place to really walk to except maybe to the “downtown” area and get a iced drink or something. Not exactly fun, but it would put me out in the sun. It’s also lame that I have these beautiful days and nobody to do stuff with. It’d be nice if I had one good friend down here.

A couple of things bug me about this town. First, there’s no place for me to read outside. I’m a little particular about where I do my reading, and I tell you there are no places around here to do it. I can’t do it in my neighborhood becuase there are too many loud kids, yelling mothers, dogs barking, trains careening down the tracks, and power tools. Most of the public parks around Salem either don’t have good places to sit or just don’t appeal to me. Downtown Salem would be pretty good, but there’s next to no seating on the sidewalks. And most of the seating on the sidewalk is on the shady side of the street! The other thing that bugs me, and I’m not sure why it does, is the flatness of Salem. I do miss the hills and mountains I’ve lived around for the past 8 years or so, but this goes beyond more than just missing them. I’m thinking both “I miss the mountains” and “Why don’t you have some freakin’ hills, you stupid town?”. It annoys me, and this annoyance is separate from the missing. So, since it’s annoying to just see the flatness of the town it’s a mental impediment to me just going out and walking around like I sometimes did in Seattle. I do go out and walk around, but it’s not nearly as enjoyable as it was in Seattle.

Well, I still have this gorgeous day here. I better figure out something to do with it!

3 thoughts on “Sunny and vertically challenged

  1. Suggestions:

    Read in Bush Park.
    Go south or west to find hills in Salem. There’s some gorgeous hills around Sprague High if you drive or bike down River Road South. Try a bike trip from downtown to Independence via River Road South.
    Move back to Seattle, I’ll do the same and we’ll hang. But I am NEVER moving back to Salem.

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