The “Best” 100 Movies

So, Time thought it would be cool to list the top 100 best movies. I’d consider myself somewhat of a novice film buff (though I’ll be the first to admit my specialty is B-movies, cheesy sci-fi, bad horror, and ’80’s action flicks), but I’ve only seen 24 of these movies! Heck, about a third of them I’ve never even heard of! So my conclusion is that this list was put together by film snobs who wanted to show the world how cool they were by listing a bunch of obscure films. I do notice that Star Wars made the list . . . but so did Pulp Fiction which is not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination. They got one of those new fangled podcasts explaining how the list was put together, but I’m not that interested in learning how they invented the new criteria for a good movie that they obviously needed for such a decidedly lacking list.

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