Waffles on the right?

National Review has added some nuance to its position on filibusters. Back in December they adopted the position that instituting rule changes to end the Democrat’s filibustering would be a “mistake.” Now , the editors opine, “For Republicans to leave the filibusters in place now after months of demanding a change would be ignominious.”

National Review‘s own Jonah Goldberg calls this a reversal, but I’d say this is a mischaracterization. Ponnuru has already responded, ” . . . what’s inconsistent about suggesting that it may have been wrong to go down a particular road but that now that we have, we ought to go forward?” This is how I’d interpret it too. Though I disagree with NR that changing the rules is a “mistake,” I do agree with them that for the GOP to suddenly give up this fight would be politically disastrous. It means they would have had their teeth kicked in by a party that’s completely in the minority. They may have picked a bad fight, but they better end it or they’ll be getting more bruises later.

NR might have some inconsistency in their position, but at least they aren’t blatantly inconsistent as the New York Times.

2 thoughts on “Waffles on the right?

  1. I think National Review may have resigned itself to the possibility that, oh, Democrats won’t be in the minority forever. They were worried the nuclear option would help the Democrats in a few years, but now are looking to shore up short-term Republican advantages. It would be nice if they supported majority rule regardless of who was in charge, instead of either supporting an outdated tool of the few used most famously against civil rights.

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