Filibuster watch day 2

Sen. Frist just announced the cloture vote will be on Tuesday. AUGH! And I’ve had CSPAN2 droning on and on for the good part of 2 days. Senatorial debate is not the most exciting thing ever. I’m not sure where the Senate got the title of “The Greatest Deliberative Body in the World,” but it makes me sad to think that this might be true. I guess it got a little exciting when Ted Kennedy started getting red in the face and yelling. Fire and brimstone! I love it! Of course, this is a filibuster, so most senators are shooting to fill up the time not the history books. I swear I heard the same speech from 10 different senators. The only comforting thing about it was that some times it sounded like they were basically reading right off of the paper I wrote. I’m not sure if that means I wrote a good paper or a really bad one.

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