Facelift 4

So, I think I’m pretty much done with face lift number four of trusty ole’ steevak.com. I’ll be tweaking it some, and hopefully get the poison picker back up. It’s tough for a php/MySQL noob like me to figure some of this stuff out. Also, I need to finally decide on a real permanent name. The Angry Red Eyehole of Steve is fun but not accurate . . .

I’d appreciate any inputs if somebody finds that there’s something about the new layout that is just unbearable.

4 thoughts on “Facelift 4

  1. I don’t know if I’m just old and blind…but for some reason I have a hard time with it being SO light. I ***like*** it light, but ……ok, I have an idea :). With it so light, it seems like it runs together a bit. Maybe the lines or font could be a bit bolder to separate things?

  2. I’m with Kyle–more color and lines. It seems more like a blahg than a blog now. And also, what kind of cookies? The kind that maliciously invade my computer, or the kind that bake in the oven?

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