On the hypocrisy of Lucas

It’s tough being a Star Wars fan sometimes, especially with Lucas butchering the prequels (though the last one is showing some promise [fingers triple crossed]). It’s even tougher being a conservative and a Star Wars fan. However, Jim Geraghty over at TKS has a post that makes me feel much better by exposing the disjoint between Lucas’ fantasy world and his other fantasy world. He even gets in a dig about making Greedo shoot first, which, in my mind, is the worst cinematic sin ever.

UPDATE: Geraghty responds to some critics in this follow-up post.

2 thoughts on “On the hypocrisy of Lucas

  1. I think Kill Bill vol 1 was the worst cinematic sin ever… At least Star Wars broke ground in the world of visual effects. Kill Bill was a piece of trash.

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