Willamette in the Spring

Today I did some studying outside while at campus, and I took a quick walk around the campus to check out all the goods Willamette had to offer (not a lot). Along the way I snapped some pictures.

This is the sweetest piece of grass on campus:

Some ducks were sleeping in the shade along the creek that flows through campus:

Here’s a shot of the main area the undergrads hang out. That’s the student union and administrative building in the background. Note the signs . . . obviously a product of a fine liberal education.

You can see the Oregon State capitol with it’s golden dude from campus:

Here’s the main entrance of the law building. Inside lurks indescribable evil. It is a training ground of lechery, debauchery, illicit relations, carnality, and legality!

And finally, my favorite, even on beautiful spring days some people can be depressed and full of angst:

Larger versions of most of these can be found at my gallery.

2 thoughts on “Willamette in the Spring

  1. Steve these are wonderful pics of Spring, but can’t you just please tease up with some of the hoties around campus. Does anyone remember the ones around SPU? I sure do…1892!!!

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