from frying pan to fire

I still have two more weeks of school left. Three tests over two weeks. Sounds easy huh? I wish.

I turned in that paper with 5 minutes to spare. I guess I just started too darn early. I would have had even more time to spare if Word hadn’t crashed just as I was finishing up one last paragraph that I was adding for clarity. So, I had to retype that with only 15 minutes left to finish it, print it, and run it up stairs. It ended up being 27 pages long. The target goal was 25 pages, so this is one of the very few papers when I actually went longer than I had to. I consider myself to be a pretty concise writer, so it’s really rare I write more than the minimum necessary.

This was also probably one of the first persuasive papers I wrote that changed my own mind. Before writing this paper I thought the filibuster was A Good Thing and shouldn’t be changed. Now, I’m pretty convinced that it is a A Bad Thing, and there’s a very strong case to be made for a general filibuster reform regardless of the current partisan conflict over it. I’ll get a post up on what changed my mind and some comments on the common misconceptions plauging the current debate.

10 thoughts on “from frying pan to fire

  1. I blame you for this. Had you not been on the high school law team, there is no way I would be sitting here reading endless pages of fine print right now. Some friend you are. 😉

  2. Wait, how is me being on the law team making me responsible for you?!

    I’m starting to think this law school thing might end up being one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made. And I blame law team for that!

  3. Because I wouldn’t have joined if you hadn’t been on the team! No Steve On Law Team = No Kyle in Law School = Kyle Making $$$ Instead Of Losing Sleep

  4. Kyle, we go waaaaaaaaaay back. Let’s let by gones be bygones. Bridge under the water. Dead dogs lie. Let time heal all the wounds. For once, let there be peace. Whaddya say? Truce? ❓

  5. That would be simple wouldn’t it, Bringer of Doom? 😉

    LOL. You know what I have done today that didn’t involve my legal writing memo? I bought not one but TWO pairs of pink shoes. Just call me Elle Woods. 😀

    I sooooo have 16 hours before the memo is due.

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