One last squirt

This weekend I’m going up to Seattle to visit some friends, play some a lot of video games, drink some beer, eat some meat, and squeeze one last squirt of freedom out of this month. After getting back I’ll be pumping out a longish paper and then jumping straight into finals. This time around I only have three (the paper is a final for a class), so it won’t be quite as stressful as last time. Unfortunately, posting is going to be even lighter, though I may have some special stuff up in relation to the paper I’ll be working on. I hope to get out some lingering thoughts on abortion and possibly even some thoughts on the relation of a Christian to society and law. If I do get these done they will be longer posts, which I realize most people probably don’t read, but this blog is primarily for me. Oh yeah, I have 3 books to write reviews on. They’ll be short.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Essentially I have reverted to my undergrad sleep schedule which is going to bed some time after 2 am. With one class starting at 9 AM this really has limited my amount of sleep. I adapted the anti-smoking tactic of smoke-until-you-puke the other night by pulling an all-nighter for no other reason than to try to reset my biological clock. It didn’t work at all. I almost fell asleep at my desk in the library around 11 AM, but then I caught my second wind which lasted until 2 AM. This sleep thing is a real hassle. It’s kinda like eating and women: so necessary but such a pain to deal with.

6 thoughts on “One last squirt”

  1. You know what reset my clock after that three weeks of sleepless hell? A six pack of Guinness last Friday. I haven’t had a drop since, but I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

  2. Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness
    + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + Guinness + lots more Guinness + live near an Irish pub + more Guinness + a shot of rye (just to keep all the other Irish distillaries in business) + more Guinness = everlasting fun. All that other crap is just details. Jeez, what were you thinking?

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