UN wants the Internet

Once again, the UN is making noises about how it should control the Internet. As I covered before, the Internet was created almost soley by the US, is administered by US organizations, and the future of it is spearheaded by the US. I can’t tell you how scary the idea of the UN controlling the Internet is to me. It’s every scarier when the champion for the UN is from China, a country that systematically censors and controls the Internet for its citizens. This has bad idea written all over it.

If you take the time to read through the interview you notice that Zhao basically gives only half-answers and possibilities to the questions asked. The only clear idea I get out of it is that the ITU, which is sponsored by the UN, has no real clear plan. And then at the end of the interview, we get this rich quote:

People say the Internet flourished because of the absence of government control. I do not agree with this view. I argue that in any country, if the government opposed Internet service, how do you get Internet service?

Is anybody else bothered by the fact that the guy who wants to control the Internet thinks governments are necessary for it to “flourish”? That bothers me. It bothers me a lot. Furthermore, if people want the Internet they can get it. Even in countries that ban it or extremely curtail it, people still find ways to access it. Zhao may have a point that some level of government involvement is beneficial, possibly extremely beneficial, but the Internet has done quite well with only minimal governmental involvement. I see no reason to broaden it. I think a rough analogy could be made that a single government controlling the Internet is like the government controlling all the printing presses. Of course, nobody would allow that to happen.

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