I will move to Lebanon

Victor Marks, always looking out for my best interest, has made my day by alerting me to this nice photo (from here):

Beautiful women, quotes from Braveheart. . .what more could a guy need? Are all the fabled cedars of Lebanon actually trees?

6 thoughts on “I will move to Lebanon

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  3. You bastard…

    All of these Lebanese women are making me want to move back there right this moment. My rationality is being taken over by appetite.

    Seriously, dude: :jawdrop: That’s all I can really say.

  4. :jawdrop: i would say as i am married to a lebanese man that lebanon is a rubbish country and the people even though move to other countrys they still belive that they are living in lebanon and treat everyone like that too, they seem to belive they are a higher race of people and all i have ever seen from them is piggish racism remarks that hurt and really they dont care as they are so thick skinned:doh:

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