Relapse of A.B.


The “rough draft” of my appellate brief is “due” on Tuesday. Posting is going to be light/not happening these next few days.

I’m so looking forward to cranking out a large paper on the wonderful world of preemption, removal, and summary judgments. Oooo! Genuine issue of material fact! Holy smokes! FIFRA may preempt state claims! That is soooooo cool. Federal labeling requirements on crop sprays really get my juices flowing. No joke.

Why am I doing this again?

3 thoughts on “Relapse of A.B.

  1. From what I’ve heard, I am questioning that too. I think we should drop out and become gold-farmers on WoW.

    What d’ya say?

  2. Err… What I meant was, you dont seem happy from what I’ve heard. We just want steve to be happy!

    /still going to school
    //still want to play video games for a living

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