Give Nerds a Chance

Following my recent blogging theme on the opposite sex, as a nerd, I wish more women followed this advice. The article seeks to answer why women tend to date jerks and touts the benefits of dating a nerd.

I won’t get my hopes up, but I have a new poll up.

But in other news, my ex-roommate notified me by email that Denise Richards has filed for divorce from Charlie Sheen. I don’t like being happy about any divorce (though it seems that celebrity marriages are such a joke that they seem pointless), but this is good news for all bachelors. Now Richards and Aniston are on the market again. If you’ve been following the tabloids it looks like Jessica Simpson’s marriage is on the rocks too.

5 thoughts on “Give Nerds a Chance

  1. I read one of your old blogs about your first crush, “Carrie Bergerson”. You said you would post a picture of her, but I don’t think you did. If you still have one, you should post it or e-mail it to me. I went to high school with her (I think it’s the same Carrie since you mentioned “Young Life”). I still talk to her quite often.

  2. “a quick cell phone call to William informs me that the guy is Jordi and was in fact on Deep Space Nine”




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