When 15 minutes is too much

I don’t get this. Another guy has garnered international net-fame for making a funny video of himself lip syncing to a Romanian pop song. There are two things I don’t get about this. First, as you can see, it’s not even that funny. He did a good job lip syncing and all, but I only cracked a smile when he did the eyebrow thing. Second, the guy, who has received national media attention and is currently a big internet fad, can’t stand the attention and thinks it’s embarrassing. Maybe I don’t understand it just because I’ve never been in that position, but the only thing I’d be bummed about is the thought that that would be as good as it gets. I remarked on a similar situation here.

3 thoughts on “When 15 minutes is too much

  1. the reality is that people with amazing talent – rarely ever get any kind of attention or recognition. I see this happening all the time in the US. the trend in the past 20 years here in the US is to take people with little to no talent and give them an enormous amount of attention. seems like it will spread to the rest of the world.

    people with enormous talent are hard to understand and are usually very much ‘off center’ from mainstream consciousness. thus they receive very little attention because mainstream consciousness can’t wrap it’s mind around somone who actually has talent. the mainstream wants things that are simple, banal, run of the mill, easy to understand, etc…

    more news at 11….. stay tuned

  2. I disagree, slightly. It’s worthy of international net-fame because it’s really dang funny. But I certainly don’t think the guy ought to be interviewed for his thoughts on US policy in Iraq or anything. He was fortunate enough to make a funny video, but it should end there.

    And I certainly laughed a lot.

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