Appellatus Briefitus

This week I’m working on the first half of the dreaded appellate brief every 1L gets. If you haven’t gathered already, posting is going to be light as I sequester myself in the library and read vibrant, colorful cases full of humor.

And people say law school isn’t fun . . .

UPDATE: Having to work on a blasted memo while there is stunningly beautiful weather outside is borderline cruel and unusual punishment. Punishment for my own procrastination and laziness. The only plus side is that I’m ahead of my own schedule, meaning I may actually get to sleep tonight.

It’s also nice to write something, and then read almost the exact same thing in the opinion of a federal judge. I think that means I’m on the right track. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Appellatus Briefitus

  1. Yeah well… it probably isn’t as fun as film school where…
    you… get to… make movies.

    Sorry. I thought there was a downside.

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