Spring in February

Salem has been blessed with a string of beautiful sunny days that are slightly on the cool side. It feels like spring. Today I almost slept through a class after I fell alseep on the grass. Full blown spring is going to be even nicer, unless it’s raining all the time. Speaking of spring, for Spring Break my little brother and I are thinking about driving down to LA to visit our older brother. That would be pretty fun I think.

These sunny days do remind me of those lazy, sunny Saturdays last spring when I’d go up to the top of Queen Anne hill, get a drink from Tully’s, and then sit in the sun for hours. Those were good times. I don’t think I can really do that down here in Salem. There’s no coffeeshop with decent outdoor seating. Indeed, there’s no coffeeshop with seating in the sun. A town which lacks coffeeshops on the sunnyside of the street is in dire shape. They do have some nice parks.

My apartment has been invaded by ants. This afternoon I found them swarming over my kitchen counter. Earlier I only had a few poking around my bathroom sink. I don’t understand what they’re doing. There’s nothing for them to eat, nor are they trying to eat anything. They just crawl around and annoy me. For example, the largest clump of ants is on the window sill. What are they doing? There’s nothing there. A wise man once advised sluggards (like me) to consider the ant. Well, I am considering the ants, and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to learn. I just bought ant traps, so I’m going to exterminate the buggers. Maybe the lesson is “don’t piss off higher entities, or they might kill you.”

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