Comment spam is my friend

Wow . . . that comment spam is getting annoying. I’m thinking about disabling comments for a while.

Well, one thing they’ve done is almost doubled my site traffic. It’s kinda gross seeing all the porn search referrals I’m getting now.

UPDATE: Wow, I love WordPress’s plug-in functionality. I’ve quickly, painlessly implemented a couple of new things with comments. None of it should effect usability. One is that all links in comments get the rel=”no follow” tag put on them. The purpose of this is talked about here. The second is a function that works in the background that uses an md5 sum check to ensure that comments are really being pumped through the web interface rather than just directly exploiting the php functions. Let’s see if it works.

The really strange thing about this recent wave of comment spam is that there were often no links. It was just a random bag of mixed, uniformly offensive words. Of course, now I get to see all the perverts who hit my site due to outdated search engine results. It’s nice to see high traffic, but it’s just a bunch of sickos . . .

I also made a slight adjustment to the template that should help the site load much faster. At least it’ll load enough to start reading faster.

UPDATE 2: Well, it seems that md5 plugin did jack squat. Comment spammers are getting through still, but they’re all getting filtered out before they get published. Time to try something new.

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