A good beer ad

Remember that Super Bowl ad by Anheuser-Busch which showed soldiers walking through an airport and being given a standing ovation? I liked the sentiment and patriotism it had, but I was rather incredulous that anything like that ever happened. I had never heard nor seen it happen. But apparently it does, and it has happened quite a bit. The Best of the Web has been compiling reader’s stories about just such events and contrasting it with how soldiers were treated when returning from Vietnam. You can read these stories here (first item) and here (scroll down about 2/3). Here’s a sampling:

I travel for business. In the past two weeks I have witnessed American Airlines giving empty first-class seats to soldiers and an entire terminal (in Denver) giving a plane full of disembarking soldiers a standing ovation on a busy Friday night. I pity those both here and abroad who don’t understand that this public, spontaneous, unrehearsed and heartfelt honoring of our men and women in uniform is a privilege enjoyed only by the proponents of a just cause.

2 thoughts on “A good beer ad

  1. I wasn’t surprised by the ad at all, having read several accounts of the same thing going back two years. I thought it was a fluke when one of my editors said the same thing you did, that it would never happen in real life. That tells me that the media either think it’s just not newsworthy that people cheer soldiers at airports, or something more nefarious. It sure as hell should have been reported wherever it happened.

  2. Hmmm. I believe it. When I flew back from Dallas there were about 300 soldiers waiting for flights out. Had someone clapped I probably would have joined in. I don’t think I’m alone there.

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