Putin has Russia in checkmate?

Garry Kasparov shows good reason to believe that Putin is resurrecting the USSR. When I hear people ask why we still have nukes, I wonder if they don’t grasp past history and current events in Russia. Russia isn’t blossoming into the grand democracy everybody hoped it would. It seems everything that would be anathema in the US is becoming common place over there from clamping down on free speech to deprivation of property to separation of powers. Unfortunately, most of Putin’s power plays are being ignored or going unnoticed by much of the West, which he concludes results in some shameful hypocrisy. Kasparov concludes:

With the democratic opposition systematically pushed into the margins, real change will come from the people, not from the top. We are starting from scratch. In places like Russia liberty is more than a filler for speeches. Democracy is more than something that interrupts your life every four years. People born in free countries think that we are exaggerating the loss of freedoms when in reality things are even worse. You see Mr. Putin sitting at the table with the G7 leaders and assume he can’t really be all that bad.

This is not a plea for help, but a warning about what we’re going to have to deal with soon. The patience of the Russian people is wearing thin. With whom will the West side in this coming battle, the Russian people or the KGB?

Hopefully, we’ll never have to face the choice of going along with Putin or standing up for the Russian people, but, if we do, the world will be in an even more precarious position.

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