Grilled Cheese

These days, whenever I make grilled cheese I wish I had a girlfriend or a wife. I think I subconsciously believe the addition of a woman to my life will somehow prevent my grilled cheese from becoming burnt cheese. My mom’s grilled cheese never burned, and it was the best. Grilled cheese reminds me of lunch break when I was being homeschooled. My brothers and I would have just concluded our morning studies when Mom fixed us lunch. I always thought it was a treat to get grilled cheese on cold winter days. Lunch time was a fun break away from school, and I always knew that it was all downhill from there. Afternoon studies always went by quicker. At least that’s the way I remember things. Except for Latin. Latin was a hellish.

I’m so far away from that now.

I actually ate real food when I had a girlfriend. Not because of any desire on my part, but because she made me. It was the “cute” thing to do: a couple making their dinner in the kitchen, trading kisses while tending the stove. I’m sure my reluctance to take time to eat was frustrating for her. I know my reluctance to pay to eat was frustrating for her.

Now, things are much different. I take multivitamins not because it’s “the healthy thing to do” but because I’m scared. A hot meal is either grilled cheese or soup. My primary source of calories on weekdays is soda, peanut butter, and pop tarts. On weekends, it’s beer, peanut butter, and pop tarts. I scheme for ways to have an all liquid diet, so eating will take less time and effort. I don’t have a microwave. I only buy soup with pull off tops because I have no can opener. I’m not afraid of eating chili or ravoli straight out of the can. I lament the fact that I don’t gain any weight, while steadfastly refusing to take in any extra calories. Eating is a necessary evil, not something that is enjoyable. I’m only a glutton for fasting. I drink V8.

One day, some day, I’m going to meet a girl, fall in love, and get fat.

14 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese

  1. I could offer home made tomato soup to go along with a perfectly browned grilled cheese sandwich ;). Perfect grilled cheese sandwich maker comes with a horse habit and a law degree….that’s a lot of baggage. 🙂

  2. That’s sounds like a proposal to me!

    We’re covering pre-nups in Contracts II on Valentine’s Day. I thought that was very appropriate. I’ll be sure to pay close attention for our sake. 😉

  3. I’ll disclose the secret to good grilled cheese. Low heat. :thumbsup: That’s the key to a good grilled cheese. Gives the cheese time to melt without burning. Takes some patience, though.

  4. I, too, fondly remember my mom making perfect grilled cheese sandwiches on her electric griddle served with ketchup. I’m glad you have good memories, too. Shall I mail you some grilled cheese sandwiches? I am worried about you. I suppose you could blend them so you wouldn’t have to waste much time. I like Kyle’s proposal. Sounds yummy. 😀

  5. Haha, okay, guys I’m going to come up there as soon as I can. In the meantime I’m sorry and feel free to just throw all my mail in a brown paper bag or something. I still owe Clemo his bday present . . .

  6. Grilled cheese sandwiches are also excellent with a slice of red onion. Also lightly butter both sides of the bread – will make it oh so much yummier.

  7. I used my Lexis points to buy a cast iron pan so then next time you are up here I can demonstrate my grill cheese making prowess. I figure it can have a dual purpose as a weapon. :mrgreen:

  8. Yeah, with a cast iron skillet you can just melt the butter in the pan and only butter one side of bread. This serves to moisten the cooking side of the bread, giving the cheese of the ‘wich more time to melt, then a perfunctory flip, and enjoy. I made myself the very same sandwich during the SotU address, but I didnt watch it. I ate it. Then I read about it. Then I laughed. The End.

  9. Remember the stove at the Century Apts? That had the BEST griddle for making grilled cheese. Especially because we never cleaned it, it stayed well seasoned. :thumbsup: Ahh, the good old days!

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