on Terrorists Joining Democracies

“We have freedom now, we have human rights, we have democracy. We will invite the insurgents to take part in our system. If they do, we will welcome them. If they don’t, we will kill them.” —Rashid Majid, 80, Iraqi

Damn straight.

(via Best of the Web)

4 thoughts on “on Terrorists Joining Democracies

  1. More like vote for anyone.:idea: All the insurgents have to do is vote for someone and then they won’t be killed. They can still terrorize and kill innocents but as long as they vote, they can live.

  2. So, it’s (A)vote for me to stop the killing, or we’ll kill you, or(B) vote for somone else to continue the killing,or( C )Get my dumb ass the hell out of there. hmmmmm…..thatsa toughy.

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