More on the Coptic slayings

Recently I had a post about a Coptic Christian family that was slaughtered in their own home and the possibility that this massacre might have been religiously motivated. Jihad Watch has a bunch of posts on this matter, including a press release from the American Coptic Union, indication that the family faced a vendetta in the past, and some insider information. Take them for what they are. There are obvious ways to discredit these reports, but I do find them interesting.

Jihad Watch has much more on the slayings too. I still think the specter of bigotry and the fears of being perceived as anti-Islamic is going to discourage both news coverage and entertaining the very real possibility that this is Jihad in our own land. Just imagine if this was a family of Muslims who had their throats slit, religious symbols on the body mutilated, received death threats from some crazy Klans men, and nothing taken from their home. What’s the obvious conclusion everybody would draw?

7 thoughts on “More on the Coptic slayings”

  1. Just for educational purposes, look into the real definition of Jihad…not the extreme definition it has become. I think you’ll be surprised and might change how you use the word.

  2. …the terrorists themselves use that word. Why would I use a less extreme version?

    Besides according to here I don’t see how this really would change how I use the word. But this less extreme definition here is confusing, and I’m pretty sure people like Al-Zarqawi, who’s organization used to be named Jihad and Unification (see here), would explicitly deny parts of this definition (e.g. the ability to choose God freely, see here). And this compilation of definitions does nothing to clear up the matter, though I see most of the definitions for it are “holy war” or some variant..

    And if I’m not to use that word, what word should I use?

  3. Yes, media coverage for a similar Muslim slaying would be overwhelming and quickly interpreted as motivated by bigotry. I did a post last week on the eggshell mentality of reporters and editors when it comes to negative things done by individual Muslims.

  4. Because the REST of the religion uses it differently. You’re using the definition of a VERY small percentage of the population when the word has a much more spiritual and much less violent meaning.

  5. Then suggest a different word to use. I have never heard a different word used by anybody in the press, punditry, or media in general. I have never heard an alternate word offered by any Muslim, and I have never heard a terrorist describe it any differently.

    After more carefully reviewing the above mentioned compilation of definitions I’m very skeptical that “jihad” is being used inappropriately. Sure, it also has the meaning of an internal struggle, but you have to be willing to say that all those terrorists and pretty much everybody who describes their actions are ignorant of jihad’s true, sole meaning, a meaning you seem to know but haven’t shared.

  6. I heard a WONDERFUL interview with a Muslim that suggested a much more appropriate word. I’ll try and find the interview. Just because Al Queda and the Talliban hi-jack the word and the media fed in, doesn’t mean we should just go with it.

  7. Did Christians ever try to define “crusade”? No, they just picked up their sword(forced or voluntarily)and fought for God and Country. The way I see it, that is what many muslims, al-qaeda included, seem to be doing; fighting for what they believe. Does anyone remember “Deutschland uber all”? Hitler told the people what he believed needed be done and by God, they did it, or at least tried. Muslims of al-qaeda, the taliban(ex)government, and most of the violent, anti-Christian muslims believe they are in a lesser jihad with Christians. I dont think Steve should have to censor his language for what some people believe is a misuse of the word, he just used it to the best of his knowledge, and IMHO, he was correct.

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