Portland: A Tribute to Manhattan

I helped Baldino, an old college buddy, with a short film project to translate some scenes in Woody Allen’s Manhattan from Manhattan to Portland. He has posted it online. If you aren’t familiar with Manhattan you probably won’t get much of it. I know I wouldn’t have unless he showed me the pertinent clips first.

6 thoughts on “Portland: A Tribute to Manhattan

  1. No idea how you managed to misspell the most famous city-island in the world, but it’s “Manhattan.” Baldino spelled it correctly. I will never understand chronic misspellers.

  2. I notice but don’t say anything about misspellings, bad punctuation, capitalization an such in a lot of blogs. But when people get names and other proper nouns wrong, I might drop them a line via e-mail because it could lead to further problems with some of their readers who don’t know the correct spelling, e.g. if they check Google for that person or place. But I wanted to embarrass you in public.

  3. Greg,:doh: you also started your last sentence with a preposition, which is almost as bad as a run-on. You should leave the English corrections to the English profs. Hypocrite.

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