Bush shows his true allegiance

The story this is from shouldn’t be missed either.

President Bush’s “Hook ’em, ‘horns” salute got lost in translation in Norway, where shocked people interpreted his hand gesture during his inauguration as a salute to Satan.

That’s what it means in the Nordics when you throw up the right hand with the index and pinky fingers raised, a gesture popular among heavy metal groups and their fans in the region.

“Shock greeting from Bush daughter,” a headline in the Norwegian Internet newspaper Nettavisen said above a photograph of Bush’s daughter Jenna, smiling and showing the sign.

For Texans, the gesture is a sign of love for the University of Texas Longhorns, whose fans are known to shout out “Hook ’em, ‘horns!” at sporting events.

Bush, a former Texas governor, and his family made the sign to greet the Longhorn marching band as it passed during the inaugural parade through Washington during Thursday’s festivities, explained Verdens Gang, Norway’s largest newspaper.

Alright, so who’s going to be the first to say that Bush should stop giving this hand sign because he shouldn’t be confusing some Euros who don’t know Texan culture? Remember Laura’s doing it too!

(via Matt Rosenberg, who has some even funnier links in his post)

3 thoughts on “Bush shows his true allegiance”

  1. “Everyone knows what went down, because the news was spread all over town. And, fact is only what you believe-fact and fiction work as a team. Its almost fiction in the end, the content begins to bend when context is never the same.”

    These great words by Jack Johnson can tell us something here. W was watching the longhorn band pass by during a parade arranged especially for him. The last time Laura gave the sign, the longhorns had just won the rose bowl.

    Does anybody really think that W is a satanist?

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