new media library

I now have Delicious Library, which I got for free at MWSF. It lets me scan the UPC of pretty much any media item with my iSight, and then it gets the information of the item from So, I scanned in my entire DVD library in about 15 minutes. I also got a sweet HTML exporter plugin so you now you can see my entire DVD collection in a very beautiful setting. No more clunky DVD catalog software! You can see my movie library here.

9 thoughts on “new media library

  1. Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure? Since when did you ever watch that steaming pile of crap more than once? Geez, Steve, I thought you were better than that. You could have included The Dirty Dozen, or the Maltese Falcon, at least.

  2. You sure have wasted a lot of money. :doh: No wonder you’re so poor. I hope you told the Delicious Monster guys, “Thanks for the free software, but get the hell out of Zoka so other people can sit down occasionally.”

  3. Steve: I thought i remember you saying you could download the 9/11 commission hearings on I-Tunes for free, is that still the case? If so how. Hope law school is sweet.

  4. :doh:whoops, guess i musta missed that…i think i was high or something. or maybe my brain was so overwhelmed with memories of pee wee’s red tasseled bike that i missed it, or maybe not. maybe i had a brainfart. or maybe i just farted. no wait, that was the dog.

  5. You can also just enter them in manually or do a title search on But seriously, dan, you don’t have any burned divx movies do you? šŸ˜†

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