All systems go

A few random thoughts for this post.

First, my computer is all better now. I’m so glad to have it back and at low cost (I went ahead and replaced the clock battery too). I also bought an iSight, and I’m thinking about how I can set it up for something fun, besides the video chat capabilities I’ll have with *gag* iChat.

There’s this idiot in my neighborhood who has a car alarm that goes off 8 times out of 10 when a train goes by and toots its horn. Does he turn off his alarm? Does he turn down the sensitivity? Does he make an effort to be less of an annoyance? Nooooo, he just let’s it be.

Classes have started again. In some ways it’s nice to be back and continuing on, though I sure was enjoying my winter break. My schedule is a little weird again. I have a long break between morning classes and afternoon classes. For example, on Tuesdays I have a break for five hours after my first class, which unfortunately is an 8 AM class. I predict it will be a great temptation to skip that class on Tuesday mornings. My constitutional law class is going to be interesting. The professor graduated right near the top of his class from NYU (after doing undergrad at Harvard), and it’s quite clear that my classmates and I are intellectual maggots in his eyes. I see that class as kind of a litmus test for the rest of law school. If there is any class that I have a chance of thoroughly enjoying, it will be that one, so if I end up disliking that class, I’m not going to hold out much hope for the rest of my time here at school.

Today’s Spamusement is good as usual.

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