Another Bad Apple

I love my computers. I’m a big fan of Apple. But, I’ve given up on my tower for now. I was getting way too many weird, disparate problems that I could not explain in any way besides a corrupted OS. So, now I’m backing up all my important data and will be doing a complete reinstall. For a long time I was so proud that I never had to do a complete reinstall of a Mac OS, but now I’ve had to do it twice within a year. Back last June I had to reinstall due to a kernal panic while doing a security update. This shouldn’t be happening. I don’t do anything with my machines that should cause this. I had no system hacks installed on my tower, I have few 3rd party applications running by default, and I primarily use it only for gaming and internet stuff.

I just find this interesting that this is happening after coming back from MWSF where I heard lots of griping about Apple’s quality and reliability (I had blogged about it but lost the post in a server crash [I guess I’m having really bad luck with computers these days]). But does this all mean that I’m thinking about switching to the Dark Side? No not really. I still think Apple has a superior product, but I wish there was some way it could somehow bless me with a flawless computing experience. Obviously that’s impossible though.

I swear all this technology stuff is all voodoo.

I’m glad I have my laptop.

UPDATE: A reinstall didn’t work. I think another one of my hard drives is failing. It’s amazing how restless and out of whack I feel when one of my computers is screwed up. I can hardly do or think of anything else until it’s fixed.

UPDATE 2: So, I think I fixed the problem. I’m pretty sure this whole mess was caused by one of the IDE cables on my drives coming slightly out of the drive socket. As I was inspecting the IDE cables to see if any were damaged, I was pushing on the connectors, and I’m pretty sure I felt the main cable pop into place. I’m testing everything now, and it seems fine. This will also explain why all my hardware testing applications were giving me green lights while my system seemed to be falling apart before my very eyes. I also replaced the internal battery, so I suppose that could have solved the problem too. Here’s hoping . . .

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