A slaughter of Christians

An entire Christian family is slaughtered is cold blood for anti-Muslim remarks. Sounds like a typical story from somewhere in the mid-east, right? Well, not this time. This time it may be in New Jersey.

The father of a murdered New Jersey family was threatened for making anti-Muslim remarks online ā€” and the gruesome quadruple slaying may have been the hateful retaliation, sources told The Post yesterday.

Hossam Armanious, 47, who along with his wife and two daughters was found stabbed to death in his Jersey City home early Friday, would regularly debate religion in a Middle Eastern chat room, one source said.

Armanious, an Egyptian Christian, was well known for expressing his Coptic beliefs and engaging in fiery back-and-forth with Muslims on the Web site paltalk.com.

He “had the reputation for being one of the most outspoken Egyptian Christians,” said the source, who had close ties to the family.

[. . .]

The married father of two had recently been threatened by Muslim members of the Web site, said a fellow Copt and store clerk who uses the chat room.

“You’d better stop this bull—- or we are going to track you down like a chicken and kill you,” was the threat, said the clerk, who was online at the time and saw the exchange.

[. . .]

A family member who viewed photos of the bloodbath said Sylvia [the 16 year-old daughter] seemed to have taken the most savage punishment.

“When we saw the pictures, you could tell that they were hurt really, really bad in the face; especially Sylvia,” said Milad Garas, the high-school sophomore’s great-uncle.

The heartless killer not only slit Sylvia’s throat, but also sliced a huge gash in her chest and stabbed her in the wrist, where she had a tattoo of a Coptic cross.

Two caveats here. First, obviously it isn’t proven that this is a religiously motivated killing, but it seems very likely. Nothing was taken from the house, threats were made by Muslims, and the butchering of the daughter all point to the fact that this was not just your run-of-the-mill slaughter of an entire family. Second, it seems the father may have made some anti-Muslim remarks online, but does that even come close to excusing or in any way mitigating the barbarity and evilness of this? Anybody who thinks it does needs a head check.

A big deal was made when the Dutch filmmaker Van Gogh was murdered for his documentary that was critical of Muslim wife abuse. Why hasn’t a bigger deal been made of this? This is right in our own backyard and an entire family has been slain. The simple response to this is that nothing has been proven yet. Sure, but if this is proven to be religiously motivated, I’m skeptical that we’ll hear much more about it.

Maybe Christians just have had it coming? Maybe it’s paybacks for all those Crusades.

Here’s the AP write-up which doesn’t mention the Islamic hate factor.

(via Derbyshire in the The Corner)

3 thoughts on “A slaughter of Christians

  1. Haven’t your law professors beat it into your head that when you hear about this kind of thing there is always an underlying story you may or may never find out about? Something else had to be going on there. Horrific though.

  2. Yeah, and in this case it seems like the religious motivation is the underlying story since the AP report doesn’t even mention it. But there may be another one under that. We’ll see.

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