The dead are voting!

Cox & Forkum take on the strange findings of the WA election. Apparently zombies don’t want brains; they want votes:

At least eight people who died well before the November general election were credited with voting in King County, raising new questions about the integrity of the vote total in the narrow governor’s race, a Seattle Post-Intelligencer review has found.

The evidence of votes from dead people is the latest example of flaws in an election already rocked by misplaced votes and allegations that there were thousands more votes counted than actual voters.

County officials say they are investigating the cases pointed out by the P-I. “These are not indications of fraud,” said Bill Huennekens, King County’s elections supervisor. “Fraud is a concerted effort to change an election.”

Wow, that’s a nice definition of fraud. So, if I only write one bad check, it’s not check fraud? Sweet. And check this out:

The preliminary voter list shows that Mary Coffey mailed in a ballot. But the 51-year-old Seattle woman died about two weeks before absentee ballots were mailed.

“She couldn’t have (voted). She died on Sept. 29,” said her husband, Michael Coffey. He added that he voted by mail, but destroyed his wife’s ballot when it arrived in the mail.

“I don’t see how she could have voted. It doesn’t make sense. There has to be some kind of error that happened.”

Remember that’s not even an indication of fraud!

Personally, I wish Rossi wouldn’t challenge the election. Even though there seems to be evidence of fraud (just peruse Sound Politics if you want to see more fishiness), I don’t think it’s enough to merit throwing out the entire election. Washington is a pretty solidly blue state, so it shouldn’t be surprising that a Democrat won (even though it took three counts to get to that win). It should be surprising that Gregoire won by slimmest of margins. I don’t think getting the vote thrown out is worth the precedent it will set. We have one election, and that election is final. I am scared of the idea that close elections with minor fraud can be contested until victory is achieved. Slim margins are just going to happen and shouldn’t be used as a reason for a re-re-recount or a re-vote. Minor voting fraud is always going to happen as well, so it shouldn’t be used as a tool to throw out elections either. Of course if the GOP can show that there was widespread and malicious fraud, then I would support a re-vote, but we don’t have that. We only have evidence that the WA election system is embarrassingly buggy.

I still think the Democrats were immature whiners for asking for the second recount, but the GOP should just buck up and take the loss. On the other hand, people convicted of voter fraud should get the heaviest book thrown at them. And, yes, that would include the little old lady who voted for her dead husband (though a real strong case could be made for leniency). According to the article the penalty for voter fraud is up to a 10 year prison sentence and up to a $10,000 fine. If Rossi doesn’t get the governorship, the GOP should at least get the satisfaction of seeing our own laws upheld and enforced.

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