The Mess in WA

Normally, I don’t care too much for state politics. I only really care if I live in that state. I figure what happens over there is their problem. We have 50 states for a reason. Different strokes for different folks. I consider that to be one of the great beauties and assets of this country. However, I’m fairly state-less now. I’m still an Alaska resident, but I’ve spent 5 years in Washington and now currently live in Oregon. But, if there is one state I care about the most (at least in the political sense) it’s Washington because my tentative future plans are to live in the Seattle area and use my progeny to make it a Republican stronghold. Anyway, I like the idea of at least one Republican governor up there making my paths straight for my return. I think it’s been 20 years since the last Republican governor. Anyway, I’m wandering.

The current election mess up there is starting to get even me distressed. Obviously, no matter who wins, the other party won’t be happy, and once again I’ll have to suffer through another four years of incessent political epithets along the lines of “election-stealer.” The first two counts gave us razor-thin margins, but Rossi won both times. Now the Democrats are hoping the third time is a charm, and they can come up with 43 votes. The push for a third recount seems awfully cry-babyish and poor gamemanship on the part of the Dems. However, they were successful and now we have a third recount. Then they discovered a bunch of new ballots in deep-blue King County. The timing of this even had me cocking my left eyebrow in suspicion. Somehow I’ve developed a strong sense of trust in people and The System (even though this trust is all contrary to my Calvinism). These newly discovered ballots have now been thrown out by the courts. Live by the courts, die by the courts. Nevertheless, the ball is in the GOP’s court to act mature and not act like a little baby. It doesn’t help when a Rossi supporter is saying we should have a whole new election. This may be a nice fix for the current situation, but this would be setting an awful precedent. Our elections obviously have flaws that need to be worked out, but these are our elections. They are final, and they are binding. Everybody is in this social contract together, and injecting doubt into the roots of the contract will weaken things.

If Rossi loses this recount, I hope the Republicans do the right thing and let it go. The damage has been done, there’s no sense exacerbating it just so their guy can be in office for 4 years.

7 thoughts on “The Mess in WA”

  1. are you saying dino won’t win? Because it seems to me that he already has. It just seems all the democrats cant take losing by a small margin. or am i wrong…i’m not in seattle right now, so i dont know the public view. I voted for rossi:thumbsup:, and i think he is definitely the better candidate-he has the business experience-he has the political experience-christine has almost none-almost none-very little, in my opinion. Don’t we want someone that knows what he/she is doing? I may be kicking a dead horse here but Rossi is definitively the better candidate. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me that Christine Gregoire is far behind Dino in leadership experience. Did you watch The Apprentice? Doesnt experience count for something? Kelly won because he is defintely a better leader than Jennifer. She had experience running a business, yes, but doesn’t leadership count for somethng? She barely handled adequate staff, while Kelly handled a crappy staff, composed of a fuck up,(Raj)another fuck up(male) and a competent woman(for what she does as a lawyer),managed it to the greatest extent he could(and did a great job, i might add). He handled it beautifully, while Jen took a mediocre staff and gave a mediocre performance, with no stand outs. Kelly and Dino have quite a bit in common-they have the ability to lead, and the ability to follow whom is in charge(namely their constituents; or their sponsors). A good/great leader will always be the better figurehead, no matter how the officers operate. Trump picked Kelly because he is better liked by his staff, and don’t you think that is why Rossi won? Because he is the more likable candidate? Forget the disputed votes, why did he run? Because he is either better than Christine, or because he is the best leader of the Washington Republican Party. Leadership ability is not given to everyone, least of all me, but isn’t that why God gave us rats? the leader will always be an Adam, a leader, a source of wisdom, while the followers will always be cain and abel(or even an esau, an incompetent fool). Not like Jacob, a born leader. And I can’t not mention Eve(a bad decision maker by nature; e.g the forbidden fruit temptation; also the way women hide behind their makeup and clothing). I won’t deny or forget that the human race would not exist without her decision making skills. After all, the woman really is in the power seat;when it comes to procreation. You all should read “King Rat” by James Clavell, I just finished it, and it is a great narrative on man. Without a woman, man would not exist-of course now we have in vito fertilization, but where’s the pleasure in that? Man will always support for the stronger man-no matter what the scale it is based upon-even if it is balanced-until the scales tip in another mans’ favor. A man will always win. A woman has a God-given intrinsic value-to support man. I dont mean to be chauvenistic, but men have the ability to lead, and other men, AND ALL OTHER WOMEN have the God given ability to follow the stronger man. Women have the ability to take what is given to them by anyone, man or woman, and manufacture a product;be it an insurance quote, a baby, a breakfast in th morning, or a neat household. It is a simple sex division. It’s just how we are wired. It’s in our genes. All of you who read this, please dont think I am a dominant/chauvenist male/pig/leader, because I am not…I am a follower by my parent given genes, and I will always be, and I will always pick a stronger republican man over a weaker democratic woman, it’s just the way I am. All apologies to all who read this, but it’s “just the way I am(in the words of Eminem;whom I think is the greatest poet of our time)It’s just the way we are…in my opinion;Men will always lead, while the greatest woman leader will always follow a man. Look at Hilary Clinton;A perfect example-she got the senatorial seat based on her husbands’ credentials, also her own, but she won based on her husbands previous office. If she had run ten years ago, she would have lost. Guaranteed. If any of you live in New York, you know what she has done for her state, but it is only what has been ratified by a republican congress-not a democratic congress. Please don’t get me wrong, I am a dyed-in-the-wool republican, but I did vote for John Kerry. :thumbsup: He definitely could have done some good things for America(namely social security security and loosening(if not doing away with) our marijuana laws), but he didn’t win, so I guess I’m SOL. But I can still smoke some pot on top of Capitol Hill(Seattle, Not Washington D.C.)and only face a minor infractionary charge, and THEN only IF and only IF the cops decide to ticket me. I even read a story about how the cops looked the other way during hempfest this last great advance-if you ask me-in the liberalism of our great state of washington). Dubya can still repair some damage that he has done to our country(the War in Iraq; the war on Terror, the fiasco in Afghanistan(whats up with the elections?) and the fiasco with OPEC-why are gas prices so high? because Dubya made it so-look at his bargaining skills with all the arab countries(not Saudi Arabia, whom is who is keeping them below 2$ per gallon,at least in Texas, where I am now)but every other OPEC member country around them.

    To get back to the subject at hand, I believe that the state governorship is more important to the people of the U.S.of A. than the president of a Nation. Isn’t The Governor of a State a springboard for a Presidency bid anyway? The governor has the ability to pass laws that are valuable to states, the ability to pardon criminals, which dubya made great use of as the governor of Texas, and he also has the ability to lead a state to a more conservative(or liberal) opinion/votership. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe Christine could have done well for Washington, but think of all the positions in the state cabinet she would have to fill. There may be many governor selected officials, but not nearly as many as the president(of this term)will have(namely the coming supreme court nominations, which will be passed, based on the senate and house majorities). Is Christine Gregoire really the better candidate? I dont think so, and many Washingtonians think so, as well. Steev, i know you support Rossi, but do your fellow bloggers know what she would do the state of Washington? She would run it into the ground, same as she has done wiht all her cases she has handled as a public official. You and I are in the majority, or so it seems to be, but I predict this recount will be the last in in the trend of recounts NOT favoring the the democrats. Mark my words, washington wil support the republican party candidate next election; In the Governors’ race as well as the Presidential Runoffs and Races. There are just too many liberals in Washington that need to move to Oregon or Canada. Hopefully Canada, just to get them into socialism (medicine that is, not leaders, but medicine and healthcare is a whole other subject that I won’t go into). God I hope they will move to Vancouver or Victoria, ’cause we don’t want them in Washington. Do you remember the WTO riots of our freshman(’00) year at SPU? All those folks were democrats protesting for no good reason other that they could label their riotous actions on something. Did Old Navy really have the support of the WTO? Did Nordstroms really support the WTO? I knew only one republican at those riots, and he was only there to take pictures. Danny Warren -he’s a republican, right? There probably were more, I just didnt see them, I was to blinded by the democratic cops’ tear gas to see them. I guess what I am trying to say is that the democrats should just leave Washington, and leave it to us republicans, because they are not needed here. Or maybe I shoud say I don’t want them here. Yeah. I don’t want them here., Theyr’e the ones that manke the traffic bad-not letting me over when I put my blinker on. Damn Democrats! Theyre The Devil!:twisted:
    God I hope my parents don’t read this-they’d kick me out of their house as soon as they could! ‘Course they’re republicans, so maybe they’d forgive me, that is one of dubya’s traits, right? forgiveness? yeah, right…

    -the number one anti-establishment person steev knows-after all-i did screw up in college-and have been voting my way out of it since…Daniel Cañez, San Antonio Texas

  2. :jawdrop:did I write that? I must have been on awhole lot of drugs, cause I don’t remember writing that. Did I really say that?:jawdrop:

  3. Hi guys…stumbled across this site when I was vastly bored at work so I googled my name.

    “Danny Warren – he’s a Republican right?”

    Nope. Sorry. Gregiore is a loser, but Rossi is the spawn of the devil, so she got my vote.

    Happy New Years!

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