Justification for Preventative War

The first posts of the Becker-Posner blog are up. Both discuss the possible justifications of a preventative war. Interestingly, Judge Posner sounds like an economist, and Becker, the economist, sounds like a lawyer. Even though the topic of just wars is a highly politically-charged these days, both remain politically neutral (Posner has to since he’s a judge). Neither cover anything ground-breaking, but it is a good read regardless.

They also have a quick bio post.

One thought on “Justification for Preventative War

  1. POSNER is doing a blog? How COOOOOOOOL. He’s one of my favorite writing justices to read. Let’s get him on the Supreme Court! On another note, Kofi Annan wrote by invitation for The Economist this week. He has an outlook that I think you would appreciate.

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