I’m not dead

. . . yet.

I feel very comfortable with my grasp on torts. I just hope I wake up with the same feeling. I also hope I wake up for the exam. It would really suck if I slept through it. I just triple-checked to make sure my alarm is on.

So, earlier today, I was taking a “quick” break and catching up on my news. I found this blog about a nerd’s journies in Antartica (via Slashdot). As I post this, the site is slashdotted, but hopefully it’ll be back up soon. Anyway, reading about somebody else’s adventures in a much more interesting place reminded me how much I don’t want to be here, doing what I’m doing. Stop the ride, please. I want to get off. It’s boring anyway.

Speaking of boring, here’s a nice post by a finance professor at Baylor about the politics of insurance reform. (via Point of Law) The gist of it is: free markets = good, insurance rate suppression = bad. Personally, I’m inclined to blame insurance companies for our current medical-malpractice plight. This helps confirm my suspicions. Read the footnotes too.

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