Bush is a uniter!

People say Bush is a divider not a uniter. I don’t see how that can be when Bush even succeeded in bringing the Jews and Nazis together, united under the same flag.

From here, which has many hilarious/saddening pictures of anti-Bush protests in Canada (via Instapundit).

UPDATE: Here are some more pictures of protests in Ottawa. I notice that the majority of the protesters are young (college students and younger). Some are shockingly young (and stupid). Ah, youth. The time when I too could have made embarrassingly outrageous claims. Look, even the butt pirates got in on the action. (via LGF)

3 thoughts on “Bush is a uniter!

  1. Does anyone notice that they had the Nazi swastika (sp?) backwards? That is actually a tribal symbol, but I fogot what it means.

  2. Yeah, somebody else pointed this out to me as well. Swastikas going in that direction are Native American symbols of good luck, if I remember correctly.

    I think this just further proves that whoever made the sign has had his/her mind thoroughly addled by paranoia.

    Here’s more information than you need on the swastika.

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