Women are taking over the world

Well they’re at least taking over universities. It’s nice to know that SPU isn’t the only university struggling with a glut of women (very close to twice as many women as men). SPU is now actively pursuing more men and expanding the science programs. I liked the ratio my first couple of years because it was nice to have a larger pool of women to oggle. My last couple of years I didn’t like it so much because I attributed much of the sissiness on campus to the large amount of women who didn’t want to put up with rambunctious boys. But let’s not talk about SPU women . . .

Anyway, two guys at the end of the article have the right idea in mind:

Men especially enjoy the new social math. At midday on the Santa Clara University student union patio, juniors Patrick Semansky, 20, and Richard Bersamina, 20, who were classmates at an all-boys high school, said they were very aware of the gender imbalance when shopping for colleges.

Santa Clara’s female majority “definitely wasn’t discouraging. This is an attractive place,” Semansky said mischievously, glancing at women milling about.

“This is definitely an attractive place,” Bersamina agreed, smiling.

That’s right, boys. Look but don’t touch.
(via The Volokh Conspiracy)

2 thoughts on “Women are taking over the world

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. First couple years I liked the ratio because I thought finally I’d make some good female friends and maybe meet Ms. Right. Not even close. And it had the effect of making the guys, especially in leadership, total femmes. SPU’s maternal, crusading environment made me a lot more culturally, if not politically, libertarian. So basically: If you’re sweet enough as eye candy to get lots of hot chicks, you’ll like the ratio. Otherwise you’ll just be frustrated and bitter.

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